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Østfold renseri ble grunnlagt i 2017, siden den gang har etterspørselen etter våre tjenester økt i raskt tempo. I et utfordrende marked har vi strevet etter å gi kundene våre et best mulig tilbud uten at det skal gå utover kvaliteten i arbeidet.
Vi startet fra å være et renseri med noen få ansatte til å utvide med både flyttehjelp og oppussing.

Med bare noen få år i Norge i 2017, der både språk og flere kulturelle utfordringer bidro til mye motvind, virket visjonene våre som en umulig fjelltopp, men utrolig nok med stor nok vilje og høye ambisjoner har vi kommet oss videre.

Vi er veldig ydmyke og takknemlige for den hjelpen vi har fått på veien, og vil gjøre det vi kan for å bli bedre for hver dag. Målet er å kunne tilby den beste tjenesten mulig gjennom å være transparente og pålitelige.


Østfold vask og renseri
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Benedicte Høvding
Benedicte Høvding
19:41 21 Dec 20
Not recommended for use. They arrived late, without notice. Was in himself nice and tried to do a good job. But lost... the washing machine down a flight of stairs, which of course can happen, but they tried first to avoid that we discovered this, and what really all the criticism falls on: afterwards they have been impossible to get hold of, I have tried many times, without answer. They do not take responsibility for the damaged washing machine, even when it can be documented that damage is due to the accident. The total price will also be much higher than advertised due to the addition of all sorts of strange things. Steer away!read more
Ida Hildebrandt
Ida Hildebrandt
20:29 08 Nov 20
They state a price that does not match the invoice. In addition, the sofas were not cleaned well enough.They... communicate in a way that tricks customers. Also does not respond to complaint or Mail.Definitely do not recommend this place. We paid half the price for better quality in Oslo by a professional and well-known cleaning more
christopher wiklund
christopher wiklund
09:13 12 Aug 20
Incredibly welcoming, Nice people, at times they seemed a little busy, but they got the moving job done. I had packed... and made everything ready for them when they came to me. I have traveled a lot around the world and have a good understanding of other people. This went very well, recommend further, but applies to having order in the planning in advance påread more
Lena Enoksen
Lena Enoksen
11:48 05 Aug 20
I have used the relocation service via this company at the end of July 2020 and strongly want to stay away. They do not... come priced but with long delays, do not let people know about this either, they must be pointed out what they must do. They state different prices for additional services, such as carrying from buildings without a lift, by e-mail versus directly on site. There it doubles. They request the same information as addresses several times and do not find out with current technology. They work rather slowly, obviously due to too many jobs they take on the same day. They do not replace broken objects and take no responsibility. They give no receipts though. I felt insecure at one point. I had to cancel their work in the end due to all the discomfort and delays of over 2 hours which collided with the next appointment. I could write further but put a full stop here. Is not recommended!read more
May Wiik
May Wiik
10:49 16 Mar 19
Incredible animals are mostly stoned, the patch on the door immediately returns, we wait for three blocks and nobody... appeared. The opening hours should change when it opens at 10.00. But did not open until 11, and then a 3cn stitch , and it costs 250 yes I realize there can be little people after more
Annemrette Bangfield
Annemrette Bangfield
10:48 16 Mar 19
Bad service, not to recommend, scam, no receipts either.Will not come when they are going.Says a time at the phone... regarding opening hours but is not present.Choose someone else if you want to sew or more
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